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Reconnect 100% South African Movie

Released in Nu Metro Cinemas on 16 October 2015
Rating: PG

Runtime    :    98 Minutes
Format    :   Aspect Ratio: 1.85:1 (16:9)
Video Target: 2K DCI 24p (for DCP - Digital Cinema Package)
Audio Target: 5.1 Surround Sound
Locations    :   7 Different/Major Locations with 20 Sub-Locations
Actors    :   4 Lead and 12 Supporting Actors and numerous extras
Film Setting    :   2014 - Summer
South Africa (International Company based in SA)
Press-Kit    :    Download Press-Kit

Two friends discover artificial intelligence on an old mainframe in an abandoned warehouse and complications arise when
they try to lend a hand.


ERIC SCOTT and his friend, JASON WHITE are working on a new game they are designing in their private time that will be launched soon. They both work for a large intelligence corporation called “SKY CORP”. After exploring an abandoned warehouse as a possible location for their game launch party, ERIC meets a mysterious artificial intelligent being on an old mainframe that remained there. The system is in a vulnerable shape and threatens the continued existence of “XJ-1” as ERIC now calls him.

In a courageous attempt, ERIC finds a way to transfer him to one of SKY CORP’s extended storage systems and JASON unknowingly helps him. Not long after, XJ-1’s personality begins to change and starts to take over portions of SKY CORP’s mainframe. It is like a virus spreading uncontrollably and no one succeeds to get control back over the situation. Now knowing that it is entirely their fault, ERIC and JASON heroically continue to try and find a way to save SKY CORP. In their search, they start to uncover a top secret project and find documents to support their theories.

As the truth unfolds, relationships are put to the ultimate test and ERIC has to deal with his past in order to reconnect with his destiny.